Reversal of Normal Sugar Level in Human Naturally


  • Dr. Pramod Kumar Government Degree College , Jaithra Etah
  • Dr. Mradalini Pandey AIMS, Delhi
  • Dr Vipin Singh Agra College Agra


ASL, Modern, Medicinal etc.


Modern medicinal practice is adopted nowadays in which all three types of medicinal practices are included; herbal treatment is one of them. This paper comprises natural treatment that is emerging all over the world as an alternative and complementary cure of chronic disease. Abnormal sugar level is a human disorder that has long-term inferences for persons suffering from the illness, also the health-maintenance system in total. One of the factors that is involved in the occurrence of ASL (Abnormal sugar level )is the damaging effect of free radicals. Therefore, anti-ASL bioactive constituents with antioxidant activity should be utilized. Moderation in lifestyle, exercise, and diet are all crucial factors for the effective treatment of ASL. Medicines procured from medicinal plants are being utilized by around 60% of the global population. Though several approaches are utilized to decrease the damaging effect of ASL.

Author Biographies

Dr. Pramod Kumar, Government Degree College , Jaithra Etah

Dept. of Chemistry

Dr. Mradalini Pandey, AIMS, Delhi

Dept. of Medical Sc.

Dr Vipin Singh, Agra College Agra

Dept. of Chemistry


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