Indigenous Medicinal Plants Used by the Residents of Manikpur, Chitrakoot District( U.P), India


  • Dharmendra Singh Government Degree College Manikpur, Chitrakoot(UP)


Ethnomedicinal, Anthropological, Rheumatism etc.


                    Ethno-botanical research on traditional plants was conducted between 2019-2020 at Manikpur subdivision of Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh, India and documented the different types of traditional plants used by indigenous people. The research focused on the identification of medicinal plants, disease management, part of the plant used, methods of preparation, method of management, ingredients included etc. Data were collected using interviews and questionnaires by selecting 15 clinicians using a purposeful sampling method. Thirty species of medicinal plants were collected and identified in a research center to treat various human diseases. This paper lists these types of medicinal plants in different stages and families.

Author Biography

Dharmendra Singh, Government Degree College Manikpur, Chitrakoot(UP)

Zoology, Assistant Professor


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