Radiation Contamination Due to Cellular Phone, Internet and Electricity: Impact on Living Species


  • Dr. Suneel Kumar Govt. Lohia PG College Churu (Raj.)
  • Dr. Dev Prakash Yadav SD College Hathras
  • Dharmendra Kumar Dwivedi GDC Bangarmau, Unnao


Contamination, Living Species, Impact etc.


Parameters like blood stress (BS) and palpitation cordis, for 40 healthy people (20 man and 20 woman, within age group 36-46 years) were measured for the study. In the study, palpitation cordis (PC) and blood stress along with other health parameters are evaluated. The transmitter and receiver handset (Samsung), SIM Airtel, distance between donor and accepter, time of observations and other external parameters are constant. These observations are calculated using software “students online   entrance examination ” . Significant effect is observed on PC and BS indicating towards danger zone. In high voltage electric field observation and inference, the changes in blood stress and heart palpitation cordis when people were subjected to electromagnetic radiation due to electric power (220KV-500KV) line for 40 minutes of time are not healthy and indicating danger to the rest of life.

Author Biographies

Dr. Suneel Kumar, Govt. Lohia PG College Churu (Raj.)

AP of Chemistry

Dr. Dev Prakash Yadav, SD College Hathras

AP of Chemistry

Dharmendra Kumar Dwivedi, GDC Bangarmau, Unnao

AP of Physics


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