Use of Solar Panel Light on Vast Level has become Danger to Human Life


  • Dr. Pramod Kumar Govt. Degree College, Jaithra, Etah
  • Shiv Kumar Upadhyay IIT , Delhi


Solar Light ,Solar Panel , Vast etc.


Solar Light can affect the health of people in buildings. This goes further than the safety aspects of provided that adequate enlightenment to see by; illumination affects disposition and human circadian rhythms, while poor lighting can cause frown, headaches, eyestrain, aches and thoroughness coupled with poor body bearing or, in tremendous cases, skin circumstances and various types of sight loss. These aspects ought to be considered by designer and house owners and occupiers in order to improve the lit surroundings and use sufficient lighting and lighting controls that meet the recommendations of codes and standards. Various types of illumination can have different impacts depending on their ghostlike, visual and electrical distinctiveness. This paper discusses potential impacts of LED lighting on human health, and is based on a recent assessment of research  the most distinctive effects of lighting on person physical condition.

Author Biographies

Dr. Pramod Kumar, Govt. Degree College, Jaithra, Etah

Dept. of Chemistry

Shiv Kumar Upadhyay, IIT , Delhi

Dept. of T&F Engineering


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