Basic Developments to Understand Differential Equations


  • Dr. Vinod Kumar K.A.PG College,Kasganj
  • Dr A. Pandey IIT, Roorkee
  • Dr. Anoop Gupta GPG College , Ganjdundwara,Kasganj


Differential equation, Development, Achievement etc.


This Paper comparises is a talk given by the  author . The issues presented there have been part of a continued debate and discussion at differential equations over many year.The aim of the talk, and the reason for discussing these topics, was to give students an understanding and a sense of pride in the aims and achievements of their faculties, and so help them explain these aims and achievements to their friends and relatives.The Auther ``How differential equations works'' , world wide. Many of these issues are discussed in the books.We start with some general questions to which we believe it is helpful for students and teachers to be able to formulate  some kind of answers. The question for teachers of differential calculus at all levels is to what extent, if at all, the   training of differential equation should involve professional discussion of, and assessment in, possible answers to these questions, such as those given or advised 

Author Biographies

Dr. Vinod Kumar, K.A.PG College,Kasganj

Dept. of Mathematics 

Dr A. Pandey, IIT, Roorkee

Ind. Mathematics

Dr. Anoop Gupta, GPG College , Ganjdundwara,Kasganj

Dept. of Mathematics


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