Analysis of Morpholine in Water by UV Visible Spectrophotometer


  • Dr. Atul Agrawal Deep Chem Complex Lab. Bharatpur (Raj)
  • Dharmendra Kumar Dwivedi Indira Gandhi Govt. PG College Bangarmau (Unnao)
  • Dr. Rajat Srivastava Italian Institute of Technology- Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnology, Via- Eugenio Barsanti, Arneseno Lecce, Italy


Morpholine ,Alkalinity, Corrosion, Spectrophotometer etc.


 Feedwater is the aggregate of the total condensate return and the boiler makes up water. The reasons to control pH are low pH or insufficient alkalinity can result in a corrosive acidic attack, dissolved oxygen can cause pitting loss of protective oxide film 4Fe3O4 + O2?6Fe2O3 & high pH or excess alkalinity can result in caustic gouging/cracking and foaming, with resultant carryover Fe3O4 + 4NaOH = 2NaFeO2 + Na2FeO2 + H2O, The corrosion rate of carbon steel at feedwater temperatures approaches pH > 8.5. To maintain the pH of feed water (>8.5) small amounts of Morpholine are dosed. It is completely miscible in water and stable in hot liquid and gaseous phases at all temp. Morpholine has the ability to maintain corrosion protection by neutralizing acid constituents such as carbonic acid, throughout the entire boiler system.

Author Biographies

Dr. Atul Agrawal, Deep Chem Complex Lab. Bharatpur (Raj)

Sr. Quality Control Manager

Dharmendra Kumar Dwivedi, Indira Gandhi Govt. PG College Bangarmau (Unnao)

Head Dept. of Physics

Dr. Rajat Srivastava, Italian Institute of Technology- Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnology, Via- Eugenio Barsanti, Arneseno Lecce, Italy

Senior Researcher, Biomolecular Nanotechnology


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